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About Fred Samedi

Who is Fred Samedi?

Fred Samedi is the guardian spirit of the Endless Night events and came to Father Sebastiaan in a vision quest in preparation for the Endless Night Vampire Ball of New Orleans in 2007.   Mysteriously artist/designer Chad Savage was able to bring this vision to fruition and Fred became the sigillum for Endless Night events. He is inspired by and reflects the Haitian voodoo Loa, Baron Samedi, the Loa of the dead.  The Loa are voodoo spirits which act as intermediaries between the creator Bondye and the mortal world.

It is traditional for patrons of the event to bring an offering of a small gift of coins, candles, flowers, cigars, rum, black coffee, grilled peanuts or incense to Fred Samedi’s altar at the venue for his blessing on a successful and fabulous event.  He is also the official gatekeeper of the event and wishes all those to be within the dresscode. Often a voodoo priest/ess or Strigoi Vii Magister or Deacon will be present to perform the commencement ritual of the ball by calling on Fred Samedi to join us in the ball.

Fred often will play pranks on patrons, encourage people who would never expect to meet to become friends, heals long lost relations between friends and he takes great pleasure in introducing lovers to one another.  One thing Fred is known for is bringing people to events at the last minute, people who would never even think of going to something like a Vampire Ball, and introducing them to the Endless Night.  How many people have spontaneously come to down to New Orleans and never left!


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