Spend your Halloween at the New Orleans Vampire Ball! Get your tickets before they sell out.

Endless Night Emissaries


“Emissaries” are invite only influential industry professionals, personalities and connected individuals who are invited to represent the Endless Night Vampire Ball events. Their job is to help set an example of dress code, host and spread the good word about the event. 

Emissaries will receive a complimentary admission and a metrics code to get a discount of 10% off tickets sold through EventBrite.   

This is a completely volunteer position and Emissaries are responsible for their own drinks, transportation, costumes and expenses.  Tickets will be provided for free plus a guest. 

Emissaries need to submit a photo for a tile to father@endlessnight.com 

Here is what Emissaries can do to support the Endless Night Vampire Ball:  

  2. INSTAGRAM - Repost the flyer and your tile on your Instagram upon signing your contract www.instagram.com/endlessnightvampireball #endlessnightvampireball.  This is ABSOLUTELY essential for you to get your complimentary ticket. Please message @JoyintheDark on IG or email her at joy@endlessnight.com
  3. WORD OF MOUTH - Tell everyone you can who would love the ball and talk up the event through, and increase sales using your metrics code.
  4. CODE OF CONDUCT - Review this and be familiar with it as to help make Endless Night a safe and sacred space for all the guests.  https://www.endlessnightvampireball.com/pages/endless-night-code-of-conduct
  5. HAND OUT INVITATIONS - which are printed business cards.
  6. GET FANGS - Father Sebastiaan is offering fangs at a discounted rate for $100 ($100 discount) per pair to influencers before the ball.
  7. DRESS UP - look at the Endless Night Dress code mood boards https://www.endlessnightvampireball.com/pages/vampire-ball-dress-code.
  8. MAKE CONTENT - take pictures, make videos for social media, etc.

Please remember being an emissary for Endless Night is a privilege not a right and can be revoked at anytime.

We look forward to seeing you at the Endless Night.


Father Sebastiaan - Impresario / Senior Host - father@endlessnight.com
Joy Felicity - Co-Hostess / Coordinator - Joy@endlessnight.com


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