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Bloodbath cocktail

Bloodbath - traditional cocktail of Endless Night

, por Fred Samedi, 1 Tiempo mínimo de lectura


The world famous Bloodbath is a cocktail which is a staple of the Vampire culture. It was originally created in fall 1997 at the Sabretooth Clan gathering in New York City known as Long Black Veil (LBV) which took place every week at a night club named MOTHER from 1997 to 2000.  

This drink was a favorite of many of the Sabretooth Clan over the years and they would empty bar stocks in one evening as the drink became so popular. There are reports of bartenders making this drink as far away as South America, Siberia, Japan and Australia. Few who love this drink even know its true origins.

The Bloodbath is traditionally made with one third Chambord liquor, one third cranberry juice and one third Vampire Wine cabernet, chilled like a cocktail, shaken and served in a cold wine glass.

There have been many variations on this drink, for example some adding grenadine, spices, vodka or even the New Orleans Bloodbath which has a tint of rum mixed in. What We know is the BloodBath started within the Sabretooth Clan and has become a standard of Vampire culture. So to share a Bloodbath with another Vampire is a great pleasure, especially while sharing it in a glass at a Vampire Ball, meet-up, haven or moot.


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