Old School Fangs (Hand Made)

Old School Hand Made
Fangs by Father Sebastiaan

Thank you for your interest in my custom-made Old School Sabretooth handmade Vampire Fangs. Please note “New School” Sabretooth 3D Fangs are done via a mold and are not available in person.  I carve each pair for you personally in a private consultation.  This lasts approximately 30-45 minutes per basic pair (Classics & Liliths) and longer for deluxe styles such as Lost Boys, Interview, Beast, Sabres, Brooklyn, etc.

Here are some of the points which are commonly asked about my Fangs...  

  • Fangs’ color matches your teeth.

  • They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.

  • Not wise to sleep or eat with them.

  • OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe, and kissing.

  • Made from high-quality dental acrylics.

  • 25 years of fang-making experience.

  • Great for singing.

  • Feel like your real teeth when being worn.


Classic Canines (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200
Lilith Laterals (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200
Lost Boys (2 pairs 4 teeth, long laterals, subtle canines) - $400
Brooklyn (2 pairs 4 teeth, long canines, subtle laterals) - $400
Sabres (2 pairs 4 teeth, canines and laterals equal length) - $400
Nosferatu (1 pair 2 teeth) - $265, €265

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We only need the antirior (front teeth)

  • Try using a denture cream like Polygrip.

  • We recommend Dr. Hayk in LA

  • Old School (Sabretooths by Father Sebastiaan) on the spot.

    New School (Sabretooth 3D) 3-4 weeks once we get the mold.

  • Coming Soon.

  • Coming soon.

  • Coming soon.

  • Coming soon.

  • Coming soon.

  • Coming soon.

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