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New School Fangs (3D)

New School Fangs (3D)

Custom, 3D Printed Fangs

Order Now!

It is important to note that our 3D fangs can not be done in person. Please order online and choose your preferred method of mould.

Fang Impression Options

  • Option 1 - In Store

    You can visit one of our retail stores to receive your impression. Simply find one near you and book an appointment.

  • Option 2 - Impression Kit

    Making a great impression is easy and will determine the quality and fitting of your fangs. You can do this from home.

  • Option 3 - Dental Impression

    If you would feel more comfortable going to your dentist to receive your impression, then by all means.

What it’s like to have your very own Fangs

Getting your own fangs isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s a transformation, a new beginning, a new chapter in your journey. See what some of our clients say about their personal experience.

Are Your Ready To Be Reborn?

Order your custom fangs and be reborn.


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