"Old School" Fangs (Hand Made)

Book your appointment directly with Father Sebastiaan here
Sabretooth Old School Fangs
Book your appointment directly with Father Sebastiaan here

Thank you for your interest in "Old School" Sabretooth custom hand-made Vampire Fangs by world-renowned fangsmith Father Sebastiaan.  Please note “New School” Sabretooth 3D Fangs are done via a mold and not available in person. He personally carves each pair for you personally in a private consultation.  This lasts approximately 60  minutes per basic pair (Classic Canines & Lilith Laterals) and longer for deluxe styles such as Lost Boys, Interview, Beast, Sabres, Brooklyn, etc. 

Those who get these "Old School Sabretooth" Fangs are considered "Old Clan Sabretooth."

Here are some of the points which are commonly asked about my Fangs...  
* Fangs’ color match your teeth.
* They will last 2-3 years with good care, longer if you are careful.
* Not wise to sleep or eat with them.
* OK for smoking, drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, absinthe, and kissing.
* Made from high-quality dental acrylics.
* 25 years of fang-making experience.
* Great for singing.
* Feel like your real teeth when being worn.


Classic Canines (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200
Lilith Laterals (1 pair 2 teeth) - $200

Lost Boys (2 pairs 4 teeth, long laterals, subtle canines) - $400

Brooklyn (2 pairs 4 teeth, long canines, subtle laterals) - $400

Sabres (2 pairs 4 teeth, canines and laterals equal length) - $400

Book your appointment directly with 
Father Sebastiaan here



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