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The Future of Vampyre Magazine

The Future of Vampyre Magazine

, by Father Sebastiaan, 1 min reading time

Los Angeles (Monday April 17th 2023) Many of you have been asking about whats going on with Vampyre Magazine. As the founder, publisher and owner of Vampyre Magazine recently, I had to regretfully make the difficult decision to shut the printed project down.  Together have done 13 amazing issues and I want to thank all the fans, writers, editors and staff for a great run.  We want to wish our editor in chief Rachel the best on her other endeavors. 

The magazine industry is challenging and a very difficult place to make publications solvent and sustainable in this modern technological world.  The FSP team will be focusing all of our energy on making the best Endless Night events and Sabretooth fangs as possible.  You can find the official legacy website for Vampyre Magazine going up soon at www.vampyremag.com.

Father Sebastiaan

Publisher : Vampyre Magazine - www.vampyremag.com



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