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Endless Night Code of Conduct


Endless Night is a “Venetian Masquerade Ball meets a Vampire Court, with the Energy of a Rock Concert and the Elegance of a Burlesque Cabaret.” 

Endless Night is a business serving like-minded individuals sharing a love for costuming around the archetype of the Vampire in the power words of Civility, Safety, Consent, Collaboration, Aesthetics, Ritual, Immersion, Show, Sacred Space, Courtiers, Privacy, Neutral Ground and Philanthropy. Our mission is to create a “dark romantic vampire experience we can share and express together.” Endless Night is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY based on the intellectual property storylines.

By participating in the Endless Night community and events, all patrons agree to abide by this Code of Conduct in order to provide a safe, premium, and immersive entertainment experience for all.


Respect everyone’s personal space, no touching or photography without consent.
Fangs and Legacy Ankhs encouraged, when in doubt wear black.
No illegal drugs or outside alcoholic drinks or food.
What happens in Endless Night, stays in Endless Night.
If anything makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable please contact the Gatekeeper or designated Guardian immediately.

All patrons are expected to abide by the following:

By participating in the Endless Night community and events, all patrons agree to abide by this Code of Conduct in order to provide a safe, premium, and immersive entertainment experience for all.

  1. ADULTS ONLY: All participants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age (18 in Europe or otherwise stated at select US venues) with government issued photo ID unless otherwise stated. No minors are allowed at Endless Night events without express, written pre-approval by Endless Night management.
  2. PRIVACY: Endless Night events are private events and management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  “Outer Court” events are advertised and ticketed to the public with anyone who agrees to the Code of Conduct welcome.  “Inner Court” are invite only and not open to the public at the discretion of management.    
  3. CIVILITY: respect the personal space of others. All patrons are expected to act as proper Vampiric ladies and gentlemen. NO touching without express consent. 
  4. DRUGS: NO illegal drugs.
  5. NO outside alcoholic drinks or food. 
  6. BLOOD: NO drinking of blood (sanguine feeding), bloodletting, or the exchange of bodily fluids at Endless Night events except with express, written permission by Endless Night management by pre-approved performers at pre-approved events. 
  7. NO WEAPONS allowed. This includes costume weapons unless they are for use in pre-approved performances and have been expressly permitted in writing in advance by Endless Night management.
  8. ANTI-HARASSMENT: NO harassment of others at Endless Night events or social media forums. Endless Night is a diverse community that welcomes all genders, legal age groups, ethnicities, national origins, religions, and sexual orientations. Harassment of any patron in any form is not tolerated and may result in banishment from the event or community without a refund at the discretion of Endless Night management.   
  9. SAFETY: Patrons who feel unsafe or uncomfortable with the conduct of others are encouraged immediately report the situation to a Hospitality Badge holder.
  10. PHOTO POLICY: NO photography without express consent. NO professional photography unless pre-approved in writing by Endless Night management and wearing an official Endless Night photo pass. At publicly announced events you may use your personal devices to take photographs for personal use only with permission of all people in the photographs. Please use the hashtag #EndlessNightVB on social media. There is NO personal photography at events except in the photobooth or by official photographers with photo passes.
  11. RITUAL: Do NOT interrupt a ritual or performance in progress. Be polite, quiet, and respectful. If you do not wish to participate, stand outside the ritual area.
  12. BDSM / Fetish: Endless Night NOT primarily a sex, fetish or BDSM event. Some events may include performances or play spaces that involve some elements. All activities shall remain consensual, safe, classy, tasteful, and elegant. All activities shall remain within designated spaces such as a “dungeon” overseen by an appointed Dungeon Master/Mistress acting as a safety monitor.
  13. NEUTRAL GROUND:  in regard to the alternative community. All patrons attend as individuals. Leave non-Endless Night titles and politics outside events and the community.
  14. NO Muggle politics: Endless Night strives to create a safe place to escape the Muggle-Dayside-Mundane world. Please refrain from discussing real world politics at Endless Night events and within the community so you can “share a vampire and dark fantasy with your friends.”
  15. NO SOLICITING: promoting, recruiting, or distribution of flyers for non-affiliated events or organizations without express, written permission from Endless Night management.
  16. DRESS CODE: The Endless Night dress code is strictly enforced. Refer to the dress code at EndlessNight.com/DressCode and on our Pinterest page. When in doubt wear black on black. Fangs and Legacy Ankhs are encouraged.  NO Nazi / fascist or implied costumes or symbolism is permitted.

Any violation of this Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the event or community without refund at the discretion of Endless Night management. Please help us uphold these high standards of conduct so everyone can enjoy the Endless Night experience in safety and comfort.

We welcome civilized and honest feedback.  LOOK FOR THE WHITE BADGES…

If you have a concern, suggestion or idea on how we can improve our events please contact us via email at endlessnightvampireball@gmail.com or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/endlessnightvampireball.  After every major event we also ask for feedback from patrons via Survey Monkey questionnaires. 





Good morning beauties,

We want you to have a wonderful experience at our Endless Night events. We are going through the steps of making each event better. Starting in Las Vegas and to some extent Tampa eventually all of our events worldwide. We will be releasing White badges to select EN krewe to help with hospitality and safety concerns.

Hospitality Emissaries please review the www.endlessnight.com/codeofconduct

White Fred Samedi Hospitality badges are for trusted and approachable Emissaries and EN community members. They are educated on the Code of Conduct and are available to assist regarding safety, addressing concerns, aiding in comfort and general information about the venue and activities happening on site during events. They are there for the betterment of the Endless Night experience. Thanks for your support. See you at the next ball.

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